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here in old court house square in downtown santa rosa. this is only one of the locations demonstrators are meeting at. we'll give you a closer look now. the other location is santa rosa junior college from. what we understand, both groups here will combine and march to the sonoma county sheriffs office in a couple hours. as the anger grows, so does the memorial that honors 13 year old andy lopez in the same place he was shot by a deputy. there is a key of candles, photographs and messages to the boy. this is where police say a week ago andy was carrying a toy gun deputies thought was an assault rifle. he did not comply with orders to drop the gun. we spoke with one saying this community is growing more frustrated before it wasn't fair for him and his family. the cops should somehow do something else, not shoot him seven times. it's not fair. >> reporter: sonoma county sheriffs office is ready for what could be the largest demonstration yet. the office is blocked like a fortress with barricades blocking every entrance. in the meantime santa rosa police are continuing the investigation i
and as the santa rosa police investigation continues to search for answers, one california lawmaker is looking for change. >> we're talking about children's lives, lives that have been cut down short unfortunately sadly by law enforcement because law enforcement did not have the ability within a split nanosecond to discriminate between the real thing and a fake gun. >> reporter: california state senator kevin de leon is considering reintroducing a bill requiring all toy guns and bb guns to be translucent or brightly colored. federal law requires imitation guns to have an orange tip on the barrel. >> i imagine the people who make these toy guns say the point is for them to look real and no one wants a gun that's pink, yellow or orange. >> reporter: the proposal doesn't cover pellet guns like andy lopez's, still de leon says law enforcement needs the ability to tell if a gun is real or fake and others agree. >> the gun has an orange tip on the end. and it will be very helpful because cops will know it's a fake. >> reporter: juan alvarado a father of four says changes should be made but starting
below average. 60 right now in concord. 56 in san francisco and 62 degrees in santa rosa. we're slowly warming things up. the weather headlines. cool and breezy with a slight chance of rain. a pop-up shower or two possible throughout the afternoon. it looks sunny in some parts of the bay area. a chilly night on tap and a little warmer. slight warming trend through the end of the workweek. why all this whacky weather? the low-pressure system continues to move farther south. most of the energy with the system is east of the bay area and the western edge of it. that's what's bringing us the stray showers and the winds that were pretty hectic last night and caused dangerous conditions in parts of the bay area. the forecast, we see a lot of rain in california and a rainy snowy mix in tahoe. earlier this morning, there were chain requirements on highway 50. those have since expired. the forecast for today, mainly in the 50s. very low 60s. these temperatures are well below average for this time of the year. 56 in san francisco and 60 in oakland and 61 in concord. for your forecasted low, it's
at the high now at 64 in san francisco and 73 degrees in santa rosa. now, as we look out toward tonight, things get chilly in a hurry. overnight lows again dropping off into the low 40s, maybe even some upper 30s in the north bay valleys. otherwise some 50s out toward the coastline. then the next couple of days, we are going to see some warmer weather then cooling down on saturday and sunday. into monday cooler temperatures but dry weather for the next five to seven days. for all you trick or treaters out there tonight, here's your official forecast on halloween! mostly clear tonight, temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. should be a great night out there weather-wise. mobile weather and roberta gonzales are live in pleasanton ton where some are taking action this halloween. >> reporter: i'm the great karnow! sorry, forgot myself. pleasanton, humidity 39%, 68 degrees. we are here at valley regional cancer center because october is after all breast cancer awareness month but they don't discriminate out here in pleasanton. oh, no. this is the team. this is the s.w.a.t. team the serious wor
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4